This girl’s name is Ashol-Pan, and she’s a 13 year old eagle huntress in Mongolia (x)

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writing tip #803:


motivate yourself by only allowing yourself to break down and cry once every four pages

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- The Infinite Corpse #123, Carson Ellis

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Are you alive? Here's my advice:  


  1. Do not settle for substandard relationships out of your fear of being alone.
  2. If you want to unsettle a man while he’s blathering to you, don’t look him in the eye. Stare right at his hairline.
  3. Don’t push yourself down a hole because you made a mistake. Recognize what was in…
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handaxe ASKED:
like white people are so afraid of being excluded from anything that they'll go to extraordinary lengths and construct this elaborate ruse of "reverse racism" to sidle up to ACTUAL racism so they can grasp at it like "yes, this is ours too. everything you have belongs to us. shhh, no, if you disagree you are oppressing me"



the accuracy, lol…

it’s actually bewildering that there are people who unflinchingly, unquestioningly 100% believe that reverse racism is A Real Thing That Happens 

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For the last week I have been publishing mobile dispatches from my last trip to Greenwood, Mississippi, over at @NewYorkerPhoto on Instagram.

This recent work as made possible in part by the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography.

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You love your mom? Really? Name five of her songs.

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Ángel Zárraga Exvoto a San Sebastián
1912 Óleo sobre tela , Museo Nacional de Arte (México)


Ángel Zárraga Exvoto a San Sebastián

1912 Óleo sobre tela , Museo Nacional de Arte (México)

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